B2E (edible books 2011) teams presentations, April 1

Posted by jlubans on April 02, 2011

The Books2Eat event was the first major team project for my students. I continue in my pleasant surprise at these Latvian teams' work ethic, their imaginative application of team concepts, (and their culinary skills!) I had high hopes for this activity as a way to build teams and to display the productivity of teams. The result makes me wonder if some of the teamwork problems I have encountered in some classrooms, some workshops, some workplaces is more a matter of culture than anything else. If bright people believe they can get along and do great things, they do. Or, the positive outcomes so far may have been influenced by my covering from the first day to present various theories and elements of effective team work. I am not sure. There's a slight unease for the leader when he encounters, up close and personal, Lao Tzu's much quoted, rarely understood, aphorism: "The great leader is he about whom the team having succeeded, says, 'We did it ourselves!'"
So, a series of pictures of the teams doing it themselves:
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