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Posted by jlubans on April 11, 2011

20110411-logo.gif"Dealing With the Changing Library Workplace"
by Gwen M Gregory, is a lengthy, highly insightful and positive review of Leading from the Middle.
The review appears in the issue of "Information Today" dated
March 1 2011. If I can put up a link to the Information Today full text, I will, and if not, I'll paste in Ms. Gregory's full review in this space. In the meantime, my link is to a secondary source with the full text.

As a side note, I did not expect the number of reviews the book has gotten. A recent experience I had with a book to which I contributed a chapter suggested there would be maybe one or two reviews at best. My point of reference was a good book, and yet it got only one or two mentions.
Leading from the Middle has had a different exposure, one pleasing to any author who wants to see his work acknowledged and shared.

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