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Posted by jlubans on March 31, 2011

PHOTOS on Facebook, April 1, 2011.

20110331-nenesim robs.jpgKeep an eye on this space for my class' B2E projects, tomorrow, April 1.
Four Latvian children's books will be celebrated gustatorially akin to other bibliophilic celebrations around the globe.
Perhaps a first for Latvia.
Here's the text of the assignment:

"Besides the creation of the baked and decorated item, the team will select the title, describe the chosen book or folk song – with a full English description of book/song and author – gather ideas from previous entries displayed on the Books2Eat website, design the cake or cookie, test the ingredients –– and, prepare the product. And, on April 1, present the entry at our class and post pictures to my blog and the Books2Eat website:

Each Books2Eat entry must be based on a Baltic/Latvian children’s book or folk song that displays one or more of these qualities:

Cleverness in overcoming adversity.
Leadership by a least likely follower.
The Golden Rule applied.
Collaboration, working with others to succeed.
Speaking up when others are too afraid to say anything.
Using resources wisely.
Living within one’s means.
An illustration from the children's classic tale, Velnini, of two little devils and a team selection for B2E.
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