Los Cabritos and Two Fables

Posted by jlubans on January 19, 2020

This pastel by M. McAllister hanging in the pool area of my Todos Santos hotel (The Hotelito) reminded me of two fables.
(No, it wasn’t the tequila.)
I saw Aesop’s The Kid and the Wolf and also his THE WOLF AND HIS SHADOW.
In the close up we’ve got three goats, two on a staircase, with one goat casting a mighty shadow. Like Aesop’s wolf, he is overly proud of his magnificence.
The cabrito on the right is eyeing the goat below, and talking trash out of the side of his mouth, like the Kid on the roof of a house bragging and ragging at a wolf.
Not to be outdone, I can hear the targeted goat, retaliating with an “Oh, yeah! Come on down and I’ll show you something.”
Are there more fables in this picture? Let me know.
Aesop made good use of goats and saw in them our human frailties and other shortcomings.
© Copyright John Lubans 2020

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