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Posted by jlubans on December 23, 2016

Illustration by Béatrice Coron for the forthcoming book, early 2017. One of several original images.

This illustration is for a new fable, “The Fox Gets Left Behind”.
It was co-authored by Evita Stankeviča; Lana Augule; Inga Vovčenko; Tamāra Černišova; Ilona Vēliņa-Švilpe; Ieva Krūmiņa; Viktorija Moskina at the "Wisdom in the Thimble: Managers and Fables" discussion I led at the National Library of Latvia in Riga, February 24, 2016.
The book will be both print on demand (6x9 softcover) and in electronic format. A team effort, it is being edited by Sheryl Anspaugh and designed by Alise Šnēbaha. Drawn from the over 200 Friday Fables in this blog, the book will have about half.
From the book’s introduction:
“Consider this collection of fables and commentary an anti-textbook. Fables for Leaders has no acronyms to memorize, no lists of habits to acquire and certainly - for a management book - no quadrants and axes to retain.
Instead, these stories come from Aesop, 550 BC; Odo of Cheriton, 1200’s; Laurentius Abstemius, early 1500s; LaFontaine, 1670’s; and Sir Roger L’Estrange, 1690’s; more recently, the Russian fabulist, Krylov, ca. 1810. I have written my own fables since 2011 and several are in this collection.
Fables for Leaders includes 100+ short stories of talking animals and trees…. and my ruminations on each. I emphasize the philosophical and ethical aspects in these stories – from across the centuries - to my own on-the-job experiences, - successes and failures - and relate them to our contemporary behavior and decision-making.
We relate to stories, we remember stories, and these fable stories may help in thinking through and solving in untraditional ways, problems on the job.”

© Copyright John Lubans 2016

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