Friday Fable. Group 5.* The Fox Gets Left Behind.**

Posted by jlubans on March 31, 2016

Caption. Viktorija Moskina reporting out the team fable. © Photo by Anda Saltupe, 2016.

“Once upon a time the animals tried to build a balloon to travel to the Animal Conference. Almost all of the animals took part in the building. For three days and nights they worked. The Spider created net, the Elephant blew air (into the balloon), etc., but one animal, the fox, went to a spa resort to see the “fur dresser” so as to look good before the long flight. In the end, all the animals climbed into the basket, but the balloon could not fly (get up) – it was too heavy. The group leader called all the animals together and said: ‘While almost everyone worked well, but we are just a little bit too heavy. Can you guess who is not going with us?’”

“We have rowed well,’ said the flea as the fishing boat arrived at its mooring.” - Latvian Proverb

Like L'Estrange’s self-important fly - “What a Dust do I raise! says the Fly upon the Coach-Wheel? and what a rate do I drive at, says the same Fly again upon the Horse's Buttock?” - the fox assigns herself an underserved elevated position, making her personal appearance more important than helping build the balloon.
We may think we are important – which, of course, we are - but we are not that important when group effort is needed. The supercilious fox is like Aesop’s grasshopper who idles away the summer and starves in winter.
But, let's not forget the fox's perspective; her looking good, adding a touch of class to the group, has its merits.

*Group 5: Evita Stankeviča; Lana Augule; Inga Vovčenko; Tamāra Černišova; Ilona Vēliņa-Švilpe; Ieva Krūmiņa; Viktorija Moskina.

**This is the fifth and final fable from the "Wisdom in a Thimble: Managers and Fables" discussion I led at the National Library of Latvia in Riga, February 24, 2016.

© Copyright John Lubans 2016

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