Friday Fable: Lubans' "Canine Camaraderie."

Posted by jlubans on April 26, 2013

THEY say a dog greets you each day like a long lost friend because she's forgotten, in the short term, seeing you yesterday. You're still in her long-term memory - of dog bone treats, balls thrown and fetched, long walks in rain or shine and shared moments of companionable silence - hence the effusive greeting: eyes sparkle, the tail helicopters as if lifting the rear off the ground, and her head ducks in stately bows. What joy! I reciprocate and pound her side in heartfelt greeting, pull her ears and pat her head - a most convivial picture of man and best friend.
"Fawning!" you exclaim.
Nay, not forgetting.
A dog's never too busy or overcome by the daily grind or ruled by ambition to stop and greet you in the spirit of past camaraderie.
The moral: Our finest friend among the animals forgets us NOT, nor should we ignore those of our own kind we've met and liked along the way.
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