Friday Fable. Aesop’s “Fortune and The Boy”*

Posted by jlubans on March 24, 2017

Caption: Verse by W.J. Linton. Illustration by Walter Crane. 1887

“A Boy heedless slept by the well
By Dame Fortune awaked, truth to tell,
Said she, ‘Hadst been drowned,
'Twould have surely been found
This by Fortune, not Folly befel.’"

It’s all too easy, is it not, to blame circumstance or others or the Ladies Luck and Fortune and their Sister Fate, than to consider what I may have done to bring about my misfortune.
How DID I get into this pickle?
And, on the other side of retrospection one should seek lessons on how to avoid misfortune in the future. What will I change? What will I do differently?

*Source: The Baby's Own Aesop (verse fables by W.J. Linton), 1887. Illustrations by Walter Crane. Available online at International Children's Digital Library.
Also, at Laura Gibbs index to fables.

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