The Mouse’s Roar

Posted by jlubans on March 21, 2017


I’m planning a class exercise this spring around this photo.
My class is largely about democracy in the workplace and includes topics relevant to how one goes about achieving democratic ideals. The working assumption is that democratic ways achieve more than authoritarian or laissez-faire leadership.
Among the class topics are group development and the conditions required for taking a group from formation to performance.
Also, we look at, read about and discuss group dynamics and roles of followers and leaders in shaping a reluctant group into a highly effective team. We talk about types of power.
I’ll ask the class – in small groups - to tell me what they see in this picture.
Look at the details: the dutiful writing into little notebooks, the size of the table, the comic opera military hats, the leader’s location. What do you think is happening?
Where is the bowl of M&Ms?
How would you describe the atmosphere in this room? Formal, friendly, fearful, frightening?
Have you found yourself in a group like this? No, not in North Korea. What about the boss’ monthly meeting with department heads? What about in a one-on-one with a boss you fear and loath?
What did you do? Did you roar like a lion or did you squeak like a wee mousie?

Did you keep your head down or did you look into the leader’s eyes?
Did you lower your pencil and ask for clarification?
I’ll let you know how this class exercise comes out.

N.B. My new book, Fables for Leaders, Ezis Press, comes out in June 2017 as an e-book and a soft cover print-on-demand book. The print book will feature original illustrations by the renowned, Béatrice Coron.
I hope to have prepublication information up soon on Amazon, Powell’s Books and other purchasing venues.

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