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Posted by jlubans on April 13, 2012

20120413-images.jpegMy cough drop wrappers come inscribed with “pep” talks. I guess the idea is as you are sucking away, you should rest your orbs on the wrapper and become inspired, kick some behind, primarily your own! Here are some of the motivational gems with my snide, no; snarky, no; snappy, yes, commentary in brackets. That's the problem with the one line pepper upper; its simplicity can offend those who want a complex rationale for why they should do better. Maybe that's what triggers the negative - the base assumption is that the individual is flawed. In some cases, true; in many others, things go awry due to circumstances more than individual malfeasance. And, like wise adages (He who hesitates is lost) is deftly countered by an equally apt one, (Look before you leap.)

Bet on yourself. (If you lose you only have yourself to blame.)
Inspire envy. (Earn the enmity of an insecure boss.)
Hi-five yourself. (If you can, the NBA wants you.)
Dust off and get up. (Or, use a vacuum cleaner the next time.)
Turn “can do” into “can did!”( Like in CANDID – tell the boss where to stick it.)

You’ve survived tougher. (But maybe not this time.)
Fire up those engines! (And get the EPA on your case.)
The show must go on. Or work. (The option to the "show going on" is work. Imagine that!)

Impress yourself today.
(I am impressed.)
Take charge and mean it! (When all about your are losing their heads, and the bridge is in flames, make sure to bite your lips, presidentially – a sure sign of “I MEAN IT !”
Don’t try harder. Do harder! (What happened to smarter? Does the definition of insanity apply here?)
Be unstoppable. (Yeah, until you run into the 6 foot 6 inch tackle (width not height) like I did as a freshman football player.)
Get back in the game. (Where have you been??? The game ended two hours ago!)
Quit reading these pep talks and get to work! (Nah, that one I made up.)

More from the bottom of the bag:
Let's hear your battle cry. (Waaaah is not a war cry!)
Put your game face on. (N.B. Warriors do not wear mascara.)
Buckle down and push forth! (Similar to escaping, Houdini-like, from a padlocked trunk tossed into the Hudson River.)
Put a little strut in it. (Not recommended on 8th Avenue.)
Nothing you can't handle. (But do not, ever, push this button.)
Flex your "can do" muscle.(Whoa-ah! That'll get 'em talkin' in the firehouse! [Or any other mostly guy enterprise])

Speaking of pep talks, A Letter to Garcia is among the most famous, inspiring, we are told, millions. I've wanted to use it in my classes and workshops, but just have not figured out how. I'll address my reluctance in an upcoming blog.
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