Posted by jlubans on February 05, 2012


I like this picture (enough for a second appearance in the blog). It speaks to me about planning (or not). The photo is from one of three hikes I took on the Mt. Baldy Ice House Canyon trail in mid-May 2010. The Mt. Baldy trailhead is a 30 minute drive from Claremont, California.
If I asked one of my management classes to reflect on this photo, I wonder what they would say?

Another photo from those hikes:
It reminds me (how many padlocks?) of urban living in some blighted locations, not, one would think, in a wilderness Eden.
And, the photo suggests one response to a changing environment. Some libraries' reaction and response when overwhelmed by young adults or plagued by thefts allegedly perpetrated by "outsiders" might look like this picture.

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