Lubans Gets Fulbright Award

Posted by jlubans on October 01, 2018

A week or so ago, I heard from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board that I had been selected for an award. I will be teaching a pilot class at the University of Latvia in Riga in the spring of 2019: “Leadership & Literature”.
The class will make use of the international fable literature and other literary genres to explore teams and teamwork concepts, group dynamics, self-management, leadership and effective followership.
My book, Fables for Leaders, will be the core un-textbook along with films, short stories, poetry, and the performing arts.
The class will pursue answers to these and other questions:
How do literary genres help illuminate complex topics like leadership, self-managing teams and team development?
Are there literary examples of democratic team leaders and what they do? Who and what are democratic followers and what do they do?
How does literature help us to personally understand and adapt to an organization’s behavior?

Another matter:
When your coffee pot blows up, catches fire, or otherwise fails to make coffee, the manufacturer wants to know and may even issue a product recall. Such an undertaking incurs large costs but manufacturers have no choice. To stay in business, they want to fix the problem.
Why then does Facebook (or any other social media vendor) think an apology and a promise to do better is sufficient when someone absconds with your personal and private information?
Most recently, 50 million Facebook accounts were “hacked”. Hacking is stealing, so let’s stop romanticizing this theft of millions of records as if it were the work of Napoleons of Crime. They are crooks.
The thieves sell or otherwise exploit this information.
We may get upset when our political opponents pay Facebook (both political parties do this) to persuade us one way or the other at election time but we should be getting far more concerned when our p&p information is stolen.
So, here’s a modest proposal. Social Media is required to issue a product recall type notice to every person victimized by data thieves. And, the vendor needs to provide each user with a new account with enhanced security and safeguards.
And, they need to monitor how the stolen information is used.
Failure to do this will result in fines and penalties for the vendor.
Of course, we all have the choice to close our accounts, but even then, the vendors may or may not shut down access to our p&p information. No doubt there is a healthy “after-market” in which vendors sell this info.
Finally, the rules and regulations in hundreds of legalese pages used by vendors to cover their liability needs to be boiled down to a few phrases like “We treat your p&p information just the way we would our own”, “You own the information you provide” and, “If you wish to close your account, we will do so and erase all of your information.”
Get it?

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