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Posted by jlubans on May 04, 2018


For eight years the current design of the blog has done yeoman duty; it has served thee and me well.
But, with marketing my new book, Fables for Leaders, has come awareness that some major revision is needed.
The blog’s purpose continues:
Explore leadership and democracy at work and the use of literature in teaching leadership concepts. However there’s an added emphasis to
Enlarge readership and sell my two books.
Doing so will encourage me to work on a third or fourth book derived from the many years of this blog.
So, I would love to have your suggestions on how to improve the blog.
As regular readers know, until recently, I have written twice a week an original essay on a leadership topic and provided readers with a fable along with my commentary.
Alas, lately, in transition from a tri-coastal way of life (Latvia, North Carolina and Oregon!) I have not been as regular. I’d like to return to a twice a week posting.
I’ve been developing a “scope of work”, a sort of job description, for someone here in Salem, OR to help do the following:
1. Streamline. Un-complicate.
2. When sharing a new essay link show first title of new essay followed by the name of the blog not the other way around.
3. Provide “buy buttons” for the two books, “Leading from the Middle” and “Fables”.
4. Make a link to sample pages from Fables for Leaders.
5. Block access to archive from 2010-2017. As one of the habitués under the long, long tail of the Web, I no longer want to provide free content – along with millions of others - to enrich Google or Facebook.
The most recent year’s postings should suffice.
6. Evaluate effectiveness of sharing blog posts on social media. Is social media really the best way to get the word out?
7. Look at options for “most popular” blog items from past, now a side bar.
8. Feature book reviews of Fables for Leaders with a “teaser line” and link to full review.
9. Keep the same blog platform – the software behind the blog - unless there are persuasive reasons for a new platform. Bear in mind the costs of transferring and maintaining an archive of previous posts.
10. Get rid of that extraterrestrial squiggle at the very top of each blog title!

So, if you have an idea to improve the blog, please leave a comment.
To support the blog, buy Lubans’ new book“Fables for Leaders” at Amazon. Or, be frugal and get your library to order a copy! Just tell them to do it!.

© Copyright John Lubans 2018

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