Friday Fable. Hilaire Belloc’s “Algernon: Who played with a Loaded Gun, and, on missing his Sister was reprimanded by his Father.”*

Posted by jlubans on January 19, 2018

Caption: One of BT Blackwood’s Goreyesque renderings.

“Young Algernon, the Doctor's Son,
Was playing with a Loaded Gun.
He pointed it towards his Sister,
Aimed very carefully, but
Missed her!
His Father, who was standing near,
The Loud Explosion chanced to Hear,
And reprimanded Algernon
For playing with a Loaded Gun.”
Of Belloc’s bad children, Algernon (what else would you expect from a kid with that name?) is the most menacing.
There’s the lachrymosing Lord Lundy, door-slamming Rebecca, lying Matilda, and of course, dirt-loving Franklin Hyde, but none compare to Algernon.
What of the father?
Grieving at the failed homicide, is he?
Or, is this a mere confusion brought on by the loud report?
Let’s hope the latter, not the former.

Caption: Still curious.

*Source: “Cautionary Tales for Children” by Hilaire Belloc, illustrated by Basil Temple Blackwood, 1907.

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