“As happy as a dog with two tails.”

Posted by jlubans on January 09, 2018

Caption: Bowie and his brother of Major Tom were our two back dogs (the dogs in the back are as important as the dogs in the front).

On my first ever dog sled ride, I got to see first hand, the impressive teamwork of 8 dogs pulling a sled with a couple of humans (my wife and I) inside, along with a “musher” at the back, several hundred pounds. All this one cloudy morning at Mt. Bachelor outside of Bend, OR.
Caption. Waiting not so patiently.

The enthusiasm begins at the top of the hill, where about 30-40 dogs are lined up for scheduled runs this morning.
As soon as the mushers start making up teams the howling, barking, baying, tail wagging begins. “Pick me”, “Choose me”, “I want to go”, “Don’t forget me!” is what I hear in the din.
Caption: On the run.

Once a team is selected (lots of experienced judgements enter the selection!) and harnessed in, the dogs begin to pull at the sled. “Let’s go, let’s go”. And with a stirring yell from Rafael, our musher, we’re off!
Flying down the hill, no slack in the harness, snow chips streaming back. The musher brakes the sled to not let it overtake the dogs, but all that energy is not going to let that happen.
When we take periodic rests on the uphill, the dogs munch on snow, and within seconds are straining at the harness, barking as fresh as they were at the top of the ride. And with the musher’s yell, we’re off.
I’ve been part of a few teams with this kind of enthusiasm, but only a few. Remarkable teamwork, a wide diversity of dogs, all from ancient bloodlines of sled pullers. Like we humans gain insights from ants and honeybees, these dogs have much to teach us:
Love What you Do
Do it with Gusto
Display and Return affection
Respect Others
Help Others

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