Friday Fable. Aesop’s “The Raging Lion and the Goat”*

Posted by jlubans on November 10, 2017

Caption: Lion enraged

“When she saw the lion in a rage, the she-goat said, ‘O the wretched and unhappy lives of animals, if we have to cope with lions in a rage, when we know their savageness to be unbearable even when they are sound in mind and thought.’”
And so it can be in a toxic workplace. The bully boss is already feared enough without throwing chairs or spewing verbal abuse to further harass staff.
It’s been proven over and over, the kick-em-in-the-ass type boss gets short-term results and courts long-term failure.
Why would anyone verbally or physically abused contribute more than barely enough to keep a despised job?
A corporate culture of fear, aggravated by an ill-tempered boss, only weakens the organization.
When you subjugate a worker’s freedom you occlude her creativity, her ability to think in productive ways for the organization.

*Source: Translated by Laura Gibbs. 2017. Original in Isop, Joachim Camerarius, and Jean de Tournes. Fabulae Aesopicae, …. Lugduni [Lió]: Apud Ioan. Tornaesium, 1579.

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Ezis Press
ISBN: 978-0-692-90955-3
LCCN: 2017908783
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