Dancing Alone

Posted by jlubans on August 08, 2017

Caption: Making moves at the wedding; alone and happy.

I’ve often thought about what my dance instructor told me about leading:
“On the dance floor, good leaders initiate the movement they want from their partner and then follow the movement they've created.”
At a recent wedding, I noted a few guys dancing alone and having a good time doing it. Somewhat inspired by the open bar, no doubt, still they were doing it their way, creating steps and moves, unhindered and uninhibited.
Well, what about leading in the workplace ritual? We really cannot dance alone, at least not all the time. The leader has to “initiate the movement” among followers and then – here’s the tricky part – follow the movement she’s created. What complicates everything is that those two events (initiating and following) are milliseconds apart. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers could and did merge leading and following into a beautiful leadership.
The little guy in the picture is going his own way – you can see to the side a horrified little spectator; probably an embarrassed older sister!
Unfortunately, if you are prone to go off and do it on your own, your followers may leave you rejected on life’s dance floor. Or, possibly worse, if your followers do not respond to what you are initiating – channeling Elvis, let’s say - you won’t even want to dance alone – even in the privacy of your kitchen with the sound system blaring - too down to be up.
Undaunted, I say, “Play on!”

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