Friday Fable. Lubans’ “Izzy: An Incomplete Life”*

Posted by jlubans on December 16, 2016


Izzy, a Classmate of mine at Braintree High School, dropped out after the 11th grade, went to Work, bought a Car, Dated high school Girls. He was one Popular guy – just not with any of the College Bound.
He took up barbering as a full time job.
His brother, Ike, went to college on a football scholarship. Got his MBA. Went to work in a Boston corporation. Ascended.
Izzy kept on barbering and enjoying his time off. No one walked by the barbershop on Main Street that he did not wave to. When Barbering went down hill in the Hairy Hippy era; the owner sold his business to Izzy. Izzy kept it Going with steady Return Customers and Low Prices and friendly chatter.
Izzy covered the walls with pictures of family and friends. He took time to read newspapers, sports, and history books; he liked to talk sports and politics with customers amidst clipping hair.
Izzy married one of the Driesdale sisters (three beauties from my H.S.) and they had a couple kids.
Ike was promoted to the Corner Office, maximizing profits for shareholders (and himself). Ike hardly Ever talked to Izzy or his parents. But, Ike did serve on the Museum of Art’s board of directors and such. Lived in a Penthouse in Boston overlooking the Harbour.
Both Izzy and Ike – like many of their era - divorced.
Ike re-married. An Eyeful, his 29-year-old Secretary.
Izzy dated Some but spent more time with his two kids and with his aging Parents.
He re-married a Comfortable Someone he’d dated way back when. They took road trips to far away places like Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.
Ike traveled to Europe in business class and stayed in five star hotels while Izzy stayed at state parks in a comfy little Pick-up Truck camper, the kind with the sticker on the door, “If we’re rockin, don’t come knockin.”
Izzy had season tickets to the New England Patriots football team. He and his new wife were regulars in the end zone seats, rain or shine. Once, when Coach Bill Belichick was in town he got a haircut at Izzy’s. Izzy framed the photo for all to see, the only celebrity on the wall.
When Ike’s company was taken over, he leveraged a Golden Parachute and retired to Florida where the Daily routine was play Golf and have late afternoon Cocktails at one or more of the gated community’s parties.
Izzy, still trimming hair, brought in a young partner and then, once he knew it was a good match; transferred the business to the partner. Izzy went part time and barbered only when he felt like it.
Izzy’s idea of a vacation was to take the kids to Disneyworld and drive all the way down the Interstate to Orlando.
Ike climbed Mt. Everest out of boredom (and $45,000).
Izzy was a Salvation Army Santa every Christmas.
Ike was out of town when their father died. He was not able to make it back in time for the funeral.
Ike’s college named a Dormitory after him in Recognition of his Athletic Career and his Generous Support for the College, declaring him a Complete Success in Sports, Business and Life! The $5 million he Gave was not specifically Mentioned

Moral: Success Ain’t Always Complete.

*In the style of George Ade.

© Copyright John Lubans 2016
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