Mr. Bean’s Thumb

Posted by jlubans on November 01, 2016

Caption: Mr. Bean’s Restoration.

In an event akin to Mr. Bean and Whistler’s mother (pictured) a “hapless” caterer – there for a private corporate party - knocked the thumb off of a Roman statue in one of the British Museum’s sculpture galleries.
The British Museum has offered no explanation, until now, for this “unfortunate incident” of a year ago. That delay suggests the organization’s reluctance to ‘fess up.
Like so many organization’s that claim to "embrace transparency", when something untoward occurs, the BM blocked and masked the occurrence, presumably to escape embarrassment. Indeed, there was a rumor circulating that the caterer attempted to re-attach the marble thumb with chewing gum; the BM denies this.
Now we learn that the caterer has been barred from working at the BM.
We do not know if Mr. Bean’s channeler has been fired. In any case, I have to ask, Where’s the corporate accountability?
Perhaps a review of what spaces can be used for private parties is in order. Surely there are Museum spaces less prone to accidents than, say, a statuary hall.
More importantly, there’s no mention of any corporate concern for the caterer’s head. The story says, “the caterer’s head hit the protruding marble thumb with such force it knocked it off.”
Ouch! I wonder if he even got a fresh pack of gum?
I’d say the BM missed a PR opportunity. Imagine the lurid news headline: “Accursed statue – the Townley Venus - comes to life, attacks caterer! You won’t believe what happened next.”

Breaking News:Rome in shock as Bernini elephant statue vandalized
Our Mr. Bean caterer strikes again! The tip of the left tusk was broken off. In any case, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.

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