Friday Fable. Lubans’ The Bee in Love.

Posted by jlubans on July 31, 2015

Caption: Bee and the love of his life.

Long ago, when animals and plants could talk, a busy but weary bee landed on an especially bright yellow flower. The flower was ambrosial, enough for the bee to say to the flower; “Whoa, I want more of this!”
So, already drowsy from the day’s work, he took a rest on the yellow blossom. As he snoozed the flower whispered to him and said she hoped he would stay. The bee took a deep breath – inhaling the flower’s scent, wiggled his tail, and settled in where he was, his wings still, only his antenna moving now and then as he listened to the flower and they spoke of bee and flower things.
No shirker, the bee still did his daily share of work for the beehive working long hours collecting nectar. But, in the late afternoon – in a vertical free fall after a loop de loop - he’d return to his love, the yellow flower. Those first few summer’s days of bliss turned into many. But, soon the days shortened, the sun hid behind rain clouds. Then, the first signs of frost soon appeared, but still the flower and the bee visited each day. And then, with a wintry wind, it ended. Whenever you see a yellow flower with a black center, think of the bee’s and flower’s reciprocated love.

Sometimes following one’s heart is the only path.

And, so it can be at work. Instead of diligently and predictably going up the ladder, we might choose another path. Instead of pursuing proffered laurels, we stay in a job, doing what we love with little fame or fanfare but great satisfaction and personal achievement.

© John Lubans 2015

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