Friday Fable: More Music to Manage By

Posted by jlubans on June 21, 2013

Caption: When I Get Through With You by Patsy Kline

Them That Aint Got, Cant Lose.
(If your budgets always been low, you aint got much to lose, but you will anyway. If your budget is higher than most, therell be concern at the top about doing you wrong. )

Im Going Someplace I Hope I Find.
(When we start in with a new idea, sometimes we do not know where we are going. No reason not to go; some destinations reveal themselves. Like the man said, a long walk is better when you do not have a destination in mind.)

I Dont Know Whether To Kill Myself or Go Bowling.
(A good song to keep in mind when the inanity around you regardless of the enterprise gets to fever pitch and out of proportion to what needs doing. Go bowling. Even alone.)

Somewhere Between Lust and Sitting Home Watching TV.
(Similar to the above conundrum, but not as poetical as Wordsworths line, Something between an hindrance and a help, from his Michael: A Pastoral Poem, but close. Hah!)

Whos Gonna Take the Garbage Out When Im Dead and Gone?
(I used this song title for when we experimented with cutting the direct reporting relationships between staff and administration. It was an attempt to free up the former to give them more elbowroom for decision-making. Much consternation ensued, but some staff were overly gleeful Hell, yes! and so I had to rein in the enthusiasm with a reminder that there was more to supervision than just the line on the organizations chart. My new role was still a leadership one and not to be forgotten. A few expressed their dismay at being turned lose. They did not want the line erased. Most humored me. Probably better if we had used a tentatively dotted line rather than obliterating it. Live and learn by doing.

I Borrowed the Shoes, But the Holes Are Mine.
(Ive used this song title numerous times to reflect that, unlike too many writers - in my field of libraries - who theorize and express interest in new ways of organizing, we actually did the theory we wrote about. Trying it is what matters. Wearing those borrowed shoes and putting your own holes in em is when you learn. Doing, of course, puts you at risk. So be it.)

Caption; Johnny Cash
When Im Alone, Im in Bad Company.

(A good song to reflect on when you begin to believe you have THE answer and all others are inferior. Think again. Another reason for teamwork. Really good teams help reign in the rampant ego.)

And well end this Fridays Fable (More Music #3) with one from Memphis, the home of the King:
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road.
Kind of like Its Not Love, But Its Not Bad. There are bumps, potholes and detours aplenty on the road to mature relationships, at home or office. You might even plunge into a sinkhole. Learn from that gravel road.
Elvis has left the building.

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