Friday Fable: An old dog barking

Posted by jlubans on March 15, 2013

Caption: The sheep know.

Early on in my talk this week at the National Library of Estonia in the capital city of Tallinn, I invoked an Estonian proverb: Ega vana koer valet ei haugu. (An old dog barks not in vain.)
I like the proverbs humorous insight and, of course, I hoped it would break the proverbial ice when a stranger espouses strange ideas to a group.
Also, I wanted them to think a bit about why an old dog - who no longer chases squirrels - with a 40-year career in academic libraries would be promoting democratic ideas about leading and following.
Here are some pictures of the National Library, a massive limestone structure, a cathedral of bibligograhy and culture and a fortress of wisdom.
20130315-interior hall.jpeg
Caption: Interior on the entry level, third floor. Grand enough to stage a production of Tosca!

Captions for pictures below: Views from the top floors, a gorgeous stained glass window. Texas music. Snow views - no, the snow is not as high as the 5th floor, but it did pile high on the roof.
20130315-stained glass.jpeg


20130315-5th floor view roof snow.jpeg


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