"And let it be a dance"

Posted by jlubans on August 08, 2012

20120809-Latvian dance.jpg
Caption: Latvian Song & Dance Festival 2010

Ric Masten’s wedding poem, "Let it be a dance" gets me thinking about personal and professional relationships, about leading and following at work and in life.
Masten’s poem is about collaboration – in this case marriage. But, the poem, like much of good literature, is not limited to the life ceremony it celebrates; it gives us life- long insights. The poem suggests how we ought to work with each other, in groups, large and small. Most long-term relationships have heartbreaks and joys, (Without the dark there is no light.”) and ups and downs. (“Share the laughter, bare the pain”.
Masten’s dance metaphor appeals to me. In dance people lead and follow, and each takes responsibility, each supports the other. Like in a dance, there’s got to be give and take for a group to achieve its goals, “Let your body learn to bend,
and, like a willow with the wind.” In my Leading from the Middle workshops I quote Leah Long, my dance instructor: "On the dance floor, good leaders initiate the movement they want from their partner and then follow the movement they've created.”
And when groups encounter the inevitable adversity, when all is dark and the rain’s not about to let up, that’s when the sunshine and rhythms from the good times come in to help us get past the bad; “Let a dancing song be heard.”

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