Lubans’ Fable of the “Ugly” Christmas Ornament

Posted by jlubans on December 06, 2022


Early on as a parent, one Mother prided herself on her blunt honesty.
The Mother recalled how she had been “built up” and then disappointed by lies about Santa Claus and other myths and beliefs encouraged by adults.
Out of an abundant love, she was not going to do that.
One day the Mother’s little girl came home with a hand-made Christmas ornament. The Mother – keeping her vow not to lie – told her daughter that she obviously had made a good effort, but, well, the ornament was kind of ugly.
The little girl was crushed but understood, sort of. She put away the ornament.
Over time the ornament was lost.
Decades later, the Mother sadly told the daughter how much she regretted calling her ornament ugly and how she wished it had not been lost.
The little girl, now a parent with children, consoled her Mother, telling her she knew she loved her.
Sometimes it is best to say nothing regardless of one’s personal philosophy. And, a dear friend advises: "If something is made with love, it is always beautiful."

Caption: Speaking of ugly, but I do like what's in Homer's bag!

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