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THE Sheep before the Lion came, and prayed
Protection from the Wolves, that havoc made
Among the flocks. Compassion moved his breast:
Thrice having roared, he thus his will expressed:—
"We Leo, King, and so forth,—having found
The sore indictment by the Sheep profound
Against the Wolves, and touched with sympathy
For their most sad condition, thus decree:
If any Wolf shall any Sheep offend.
Said Sheep with leave said Wolf to apprehend.
And carry him before the nearest Bear
In the Commission of the Peace—and then
Such order as the matter may invite
Be duly made—and Heaven defend the right!"
⁠So 'twas decreed. 'Tis a most curious fact.
No Sheep hath yet enforced the Act:
'Tis probable they are no more attacked:
The Wolves now graze, it is to be inferred
(How this agrees with them I have not heard).
⁠If rogues defraud, or men in power oppress—
Go to law instantly and get redress.
Shall the meek inherit the earth? Not according to this fable.
Another translation has it that the “sheep shall be allowed, without respect to persons, to seize (the wolf) by the scruff of the neck, to carry it into the nearest thicket or wood, and there to bring it before the court." Good luck on that.
Sometimes the cards are indeed stacked against the weak vs. the strong. So, in the workplace when you know of wrong-doing and bring it to the boss, the boss may not really want to pursue it, preferring instead to hide the transgression and to get rid of you, instead.
This is evident as well when someone with a different perspective is exiled from an organization made up of a majority of like-minded individuals. There’s no fair process for the contrarian and the majority of the like-minded are perfectly OK with that. They know they are right!
On a rare occasion, courageous bosses and other individuals stand up for the afflicted-at-work and they are to be celebrated.

*Source: Krilov, Fables. Translated from the Russian for Fraser's Magazine.

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