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UPON the summit of a lofty rock,
⁠An Eagle chanced to espy
A Worm; whom thus he 'gan in taunting tone to mock:
"Reptile! What raised thee thus high?
How haps it I so vile a creature see
Perched on the same eminence with me.
⁠Here daring to abide?"
"By my own strength," the Worm replied.
"I hither made my way; and small in
My opinion, the difference of the mode
In which to the same point we took our road;
What you by soaring did, I did by crawling."

So, slow and steady gets the job done.
Also, Krylov may be saying that those eminently gifted (with a pair of wings, for example) succumb to arrogance and believe themselves superior to those less so endowed.
Actually, one admires the humble worm more than the eagle because the worm got there inch by inch while the eagle was born to it, so to speak.
Krylov likely was sniping at the Russian royals, born with the proverbial silver spoon, who consider it is some inherent genius that has them at the front of the line rather than who their daddy was.

*Source. Anonymous. Translated from the Russian for Fraser's Magazine.

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