Fulbright award

Posted by jlubans on May 09, 2010

I have had the good fortune to receive a Fulbright Scholarship Lecturing Award beginning February 2011. My five month placement will be in the capital city of Riga at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences.

I will be giving lectures, seminars and workshops in library management and leadership for students and practitioners in the Department of Information and Library Studies and at the University of Latvia Libraries.

In addition, I will be undertaking research on post-Soviet leadership in Latvia. Id like to refine my understanding of Latvian leadership practices and how those practices and applications differ from the American model.

Along the way, I do hope to get better at speaking the Latvian language through classes and daily use.
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Posted by Clevell Roseboro on July 07, 2010  •  16:45:53

Congrats Mr. Luban

Posted by Season on July 07, 2010  •  16:48:04

Congratulations! As one of your former NC Central students, I'm thrilled that you will be able to share your impressive base of knowledge and easy-to-understand, lasting lessons with Latvian students. I still apply many of the principles learned in your management class to my work with the Seattle Public Library. Riga is lucky to have you.

Posted by Sarah Searles on July 11, 2010  •  14:26:01

Any advice for the application process? I'm early in my career, but I've had Fulbright on the brain since meeting a few as an undergrad. I'd like to apply for one at some point, and I always like reading about library folks who've done it successfully.

Posted by Karen Jordan on July 12, 2010  •  13:45:42

Many congratulations to you, Mr. Lubans! Your Fulbright Scholarship Award is well-deserved! Your Latvian students and participants are indeed lucky to have you share your knowledge and inspire their library effots, just as we were at NCCU SLIS. What a rich chapter this will make in your already interesting career. Best wishes to you!

Posted by Christina McGowan on July 13, 2010  •  12:25:00

Congratulations John. I just read this on American Libraries Direct.

Posted by Philip Cherry on July 27, 2010  •  10:25:48

Students at the University of Latvia could not have a better person than you to help them begin and continue their understanding of librarianship. I still remember and use many of the things we discussed in the management class you and Cheryl taught the summer of 1987!

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