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Caption: This delightful illustration is by Sophia Rosamund Praeger, 1908

Two frogs lived in a marsh. The marsh having been dried up by the heat of the summer, the frogs made up their minds to leave it and look for another home. After travelling for some time they came to a very deep well.
"Oh," cried one of the frogs, "now we shall perhaps be more comfortable! There is surely water here.
Dear friend, let us both leap to the bottom and see."
"No," answered the other, who was wiser and more thoughtful than his friend; "the water in this well may be dried up too, and if this is so and we leap to the bottom, how are we to climb up again?"
So it can be with career choices.
When one job path becomes a seeming dead end, another may open. Is that the one to take?
Like this fable’s deep well, it may hold promise of safety and security or maybe it is nothing more than a mirage; actually a dry hole.
Worse, once in its depths, how will you get out?
Reflecting on one personal career decision, I should have been more like the “wiser and more thoughtful” frog when deciding to leave a public academic job for something in the private sector that paid more and came with a higher status.

*Source: Aesop's Fables by Lena Dalkeith with pictures by S. R. Praeger, published in 1908.
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