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Posted by jlubans on July 24, 2018

If you are an indie author, I have a marketing tip for you: the BookLife platform, underwritten by Publishers Weekly (PW).
As an indie author you have no doubt struggled with how to market your book in a realm clearly biased toward commercial presses. Indeed one could say that the commercial publishers control the book market and get priority for book reviews.
PWs platforms can help get your book noticed.
When I was in the book business, I read Publishers Weekly religiously. It wasn’t only to see what new books were coming out; it was to ascertain new trends in the publishing industry ranging from book deals to paper to bindings to printing and marketing; really, all things to do with the book world.
Until recently I was unaware of PWs role in indie publishing. None of the indie author “How To” sites included PWs BookLife as a way to promote an indie book.
You can see what BookLife offers by taking a look at the page for my Fables for Leaders.
BookLife is free and there’s a reasonably priced upgrade: PW Select service at $149. For the fee, your book appears in PW (print and online), and in BookLife and you get a 6-month subscription to PW online.
Also, you can send in your book to be considered for review in the print PW.
There’s no guarantee for a review, but it sure beats the silence emanating from traditional review media when I ask them to review my Fables book.
Obviously, PW does not have issues with indie books.
I am impressed with their embrace of indie authors. They realize they have a large market so why not work with it, instead of against it.
Many in the traditional book biz appear to be hoping Indies will go away: there are too many and most are drivel, etc.
Of course, there’s indie drivel like the “My Cocky Doctors” romance series, but what do you think Harlequin novels are, or for that matter, how about the recent slew of management books presented as “fables”?
Many outstanding books have been self-published.
If you are a contrarian and cannot get a publisher to put out your ideas, and you believe in what you are writing, then self-publishing is an option.
And, these days you can self publish (print books and e-books) for far less money than in previous generations.
Your copy of Fables for Leaders is only a button push away:

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