The Accidental Fare Evader (a la Krylov's Fables)

Posted by jlubans on April 24, 2018

In Eastern Europe, during Soviet times, a tourist found himself on a city bus without a ticket.
As happens, the bus police boarded, demanding to see tickets.
The tourist, along with a few villainous looking individuals was escorted off the bus.
The fine is 5 kopecks, said the guard. Plus 15 kopecks for infrastructure.
The tourist was amused. You mean streets and schools and so on? The guard nodded.
Handing over the obvious bribe, the tourist couldnt help himself, adding sarcastically Maybe even the Opera House?
No, not the Opera House.
Fine paid, the tourist asked to buy another ticket for the next bus.
OK. 5 kopecks for the ticket and another 15.
What! More infrastructure?
No the guard responded, with a straight face, for the Opera House.

So, when you are being robbed, better to keep your hands up and your mouth shut.

Copyright John Lubans 2018

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