Friday Fable. Lubans’ The Proud Blackberry*

Posted by jlubans on November 03, 2017

Caption: Béatrice Coron’s original paper cut for Fables for Leaders, 2016

One day a fox made much, in French, over July’s first ripe blackberry.
As usual, the berry was at the tip of the cluster, out ahead of all the others yet green.
The blackberry basked in Reynard’s praise and remarked how proud he was to be the first, and such a magnificent first, shiny black, super
sweet and juicy.
The fox nodded and in a flash gobbled up the blackberry.
The fox remarked, “Mon chérie, why do you take such pride in being the first?
Have you not heard the tale of the tall poppy?**
For all his eminence, he’s the first to be cut.”
Therefore, don’t be like the candle that brags on its flame
only to see it put out.
A contrarian moral: On hearing the fox , a voice gurgled
deep inside: “Au contraire, mon ami, my destiny is to be eaten
and I have the honor to be the first of my brethren. You, Monsieur
Reynard, are a mere vehicle, a bus d’auto.
Next, when you hear the call of nature, I will fall onto the earth and soon
reappear as a new cane to snag your raggedy tail with my thorns.”

*This fable appears on p. 40 of “Fables for Leaders”. I include it to whet your appetite to see more of Béatrice Coron’s enchanting illustrations and Alise Šnēbaha’s inspired book design.
** An Australian term, it refers to an Australian’s tendency to keep a low
profile, to not stand out, because the tall poppy’s the first to be taken.

Caption: Fables for Leaders gains a Five Star Review by Readers’ Favorite:

Reviewed by Angie Gallion Lovell for Readers' Favorite
… “While Fables for Leaders is beautifully rendered and aesthetically pleasing, the real treasure is found in the hints of wisdom John Lubans reminds us of. We’ve all heard the tale of The Grasshopper and The Ant, certainly, where one saves for the winter and is prepared when bad weather comes, and the other who does not save for winter finds himself in dire straits because of it.
What Lubans does, masterfully, is take the cliche and make it relevant for today, and readily applicable for persons in leadership roles. There is great wisdom within these pages and the amazing thing is that we all know it, but Lubans provides us with the next step to take this intrinsic knowledge, this long forgotten wisdom, and retool it for our current lives. He opens the door to us and explains how the fables we learned at our mother’s knee were training us to live a most productive life.
I want John Lubans' book, Fables for Leaders, for my own personal collection, and I want it printed on parchment.”
See the full review here.

Fables for Leaders, with original illustrations by Béatrice Coron and designed by ALISE ŠNĒBAHA, launched September 30, 2017 ($19.99- NEW PRICE pending).
Ezis Press
ISBN: 978-0-692-90955-3
LCCN: 2017908783
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