Why Orange? Picking the Cover Color for Fables for Leaders

Posted by jlubans on October 31, 2017

Caption: The fox telling Aesop about animals, decoration from an Attic red figure vase, 5th century BC.

What goes into a book's cover design? “Fables for Leaders” was a team project.
Apart from Béatrice Coron’s captivating cover illustration of a business meeting among the animals and Alise Šnēbaha’s creative design (from 27 variations!) my contribution was the cover’s terra cotta color.
Why orange? It appreciates the Greek heritage of Aesop and his fables. The captioned illustration is just one example of the thousands of surviving Greek vases from the earliest days of pottery making.
On a technical note, terra cotta is not one of the painted-on colors (often black) Greek artisans used, but it is the background resulting from the fired clay.
It ranges from pale brown to a deep orange red.
The cover illustration went through several iterations as well. I first thought an elephant leading the meeting would make for a good boss image – you know, good memory, etc. But, that was not to be. This was at the time of the presidential election and the elephant is one party’s emblem.
It did cross my mind to use a donkey – many a subordinate regards his boss as bit of an ass – but that is of course the other party’s emblem!
So, the bear it was. This bear’s story appears as my Bear in the Tree fable on p. 88 of “Fables for Leaders”.
Next we’ll talk a bit about the Ezis Press and how its logos came to be.
In the meantime, good news re the price of the book. Now reduced to $19.99.
We are finding our way – stumbling along - in marketing the book!

Fables for Leaders, with original illustrations by Béatrice Coron and designed by ALISE ŠNĒBAHA, launched September 30, 2017 ($19.99- NEW PRICE pending).
Ezis Press
ISBN: 978-0-692-90955-3
LCCN: 2017908783
BOOKBABY’s BOOKSHOP! The BookBaby listing features a “See Inside” the book.
NEW PRICE at BookBaby: $19.99

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