Friday Fable. Abstemius's (Sir Roger L'Estrange) “A Fly upon a Wheel.”*

Posted by jlubans on February 12, 2016

Caption: Hugh Laurie as the ill-fated and incompetent Prince George IV. Bertie Wooster as fop?

“What a Dust do I raise! says the Fly upon the Coach-Wheel? and what a rate do I drive at, says the same Fly again upon the Horse's Buttock?”
“This Fly in the Fable, is every Trifling Arrogant Fop in Nature, by what Name or Title soever Dignify'd, or Distinguish'd.”

The alluded to “Trifling Arrogant Fop” brings to mind my comment about Fat Cat Tuesday, that early part of January in which some CEOs make in one week what their line staff will bring home in a year.
Some CEOs - servant leaders - are steering the coach, earning their keep. Others, like the fly on the “Horse's Buttock”, and more than likely the depicted fop, are along for the ride; a passenger not a driver.

*Source: Aesop’s Fables translated by Sir Roger L'Estrange, 1692.

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