Friday Fable. Lubans’ How the Rat Got Its Tail

Posted by jlubans on March 07, 2014

Caption: Cute tail!

The animals, including man, who store food petitioned Zeus for help. It was about rat’s stealing the grain and nuts they’d gathered against the harsh times of winter.
The animals said it was not fair that the rat could sneak into locked storerooms and munch away on the food they’d accumulated through their planning and diligence. And, the rat was hard to spot; practiced in stealth, he could slip past and through most barriers. Once in, he’d chew in silence and then tiptoe away, leaving only his droppings and a depleted storeroom.
Zeus asked rat, “Have you been stealing?” Rat lied and denied. At the time of this story, the rat had no tail. Zeus doubted rat and, in his wisdom, gave the rat a tail, a long hairless one. The rat saw this as a reward and was proud of his new look, but quickly grew to regret it. Now when you go by a storage closet and see a little bit of a tail sticking out from under the door, you know who’s there. You can yank that giveaway tail and make the rat squeal and scrabble.

Moral: Taking too much for granted can get you in big trouble and sooner than you might think.

Friday’s Leading from the Middle Library: University of Miami, FL

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