How Far Has AI to Go?

Posted by jlubans on November 16, 2023

Caption: AI & Homer Doing a Beer Mind-Meld

As mentioned in a previous blog about AI, I use, from time to time, Google?s Bard.
A while ago, I asked Bard about a football player?s ethnicity because I was curious if he was of Native American heritage.
In response, Bard gave me a 700-word lecture on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) but with no clue as to the player?s ethnicity.
Did the word "ethnicity" trigger Bard to take umbrage and consider me a racist?
I wonder if I went to a library?s information desk and asked the same question of a librarian, would the response be different?
It is supposed to be, according to professional standards and education.
More recently, I queried Bard about why two contemporary politicians have the same pacing, intonation, and inflection in their speech. Why is that?
Bard responded. Here is the first paragraph - with names left out:
"There are a few reasons why X might sound like Y when he speaks. First, they are both from the same region of the United States. X was born in New York City and raised (nearby), while Y was born in Hawaii, and raised (there).
People from the same region often share similar speech patterns, including pronunciation and intonation" (emphasis added)
Besides Bard?s outlandish claim that New York and Hawaii, 5000 miles apart, are in the "same region" it failed to take into account - apart from both being educated in elite schools - the ethnicity or cultural background or other influences on one's language and speech.
And, most certainly, it avoided the possibility that one may be slavishly mimicking the other.
So, I ask again, who is priming the AI pump?
Finally, Bard offers no listing of sources. Where is Bard getting the information for its answers?
My blog is copyrighted - it is my intellectual property; if Bard uses my writing, should not Bard abide by my request that anything I write if used by someone else must be acknowledged. This applies to anyone whose writing is used by Bard.

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