Friday Fable. Krylov’s “THE CUCKOO AND THE COCK”*

Posted by jlubans on June 15, 2017

Caption: Soviet Postcard (1956) for Krylov fable.

“’HOW proudly and sonorously you sing, my dear
‘But you, dear Cuckoo, my light, how smoothly flows
your long-drawn-out note! There is no such singer in all
the rest of our forest.’
‘To you, my dear gossip, I could listen for ever.’
‘And as for you, my beauty, I swear that, when you are
silent, I scarcely know how to wait till you begin again.
Where do you get such a voice from? so clear, so soft, and
so high ! But no doubt you were always like that; not
very large in stature, but in song a regular nightingale.’
‘Thanks, gossip. As for you, I declare, on my conscience,
you sing better than the birds in the garden of Eden. For
a proof of this, I appeal to public opinion.’
At this moment a Sparrow, which had overheard their
conversation, said to them,
‘You may go on praising one another till you are hoarse,
my friends; but your music is utterly worthless.’

Why was it that, not being afraid to sin, the Cuckoo
praised the Cock? Simply because the Cock praised the
Beware the Mutual Admiration Society. Avoid its close cousin, Group-Think.
Similarly, associate not with those who despise each other, who have no respect for nor can hear what the other is saying; they only hear themselves.
And, always, protect the Sparrow, the endangered Speaker of Truth.

*Source: Krilof and his fables, by Krylov, Ivan Andreevich, 1768-1844; Ralston, William Ralston Shedden, 1828-1889. Tr. London, 1869

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