Rocks & Change

Posted by jlubans on April 07, 2010

I use this quote to set a context for my classroom discussion of the changes underway in higher education - something that has been happening for two or more decades, prompted by the Internet.

What does a quote about rocks have to do with the modern organization? Quite a bit. When change is upon us, it is good to realize change is unavoidable, inevitable - even in the landscape. Any time we find ourselves certain that the old way of doing something is OK, think again:

“Do not trust rocks. A rock resting on the rim of the Grand Canyon may give an impression of strength and permanence but as soon as a man turns his back the rock will resume disintegrating and sneaking off to California. And it is not only that particular rock that is unreliable. Every rock everywhere is growing smaller or larger, rising up or sinking down, or creeping about the planet in a scandalous manner.”

- Editor at Time Life Books. Quoted in Readings from the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, , Edited by Alison Murray Kuller, June 1986. Rockland Maine, HIOBS. p. 59. Spiral bound.

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